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We're not afraid to show our prices on electric panel upgrades


200 amp All in one electric panel upgrade

 ​​​You'll Find our base prices listed for each type of electric panel upgrades you might need. No games or scams. We’re not afraid to let you know our prices. In a few instances the price can be less. More complicated services being fed by several pipes will be more. We provide free consultations and bids for every job and all jobs include taxes and permits. There’s a reason other commercial independant electrical contractors services and licensed electricians don’t publish their average price. Many times their quotes are double ours. We are NEVER underbid by licensed, insured contractors.
Because we do more electrical panel installation service repair and replacement we are better trained, Our trucks are set up for service changes and our employees trained for them. Experience and buying power gives us the ability to buy for less and sell for less.  Call us for a free estimate on your electric panel change. Phil 480-694-6531


Apartment Complexes Meter Sections


From breaker replacement, bus repairs to a total upgrade we offer the best pricing. With over a hundred obsolete multi packs we often have the exact brand and part number to make repairs on your panel at a fraction of the cost of a new panel.

As always our upgrade prices are also very competitive. Our experience and specialized tools help us get the job done in half the time of our competitors. 


Commercial and Industrial Replacement and Repairs

 We excel at service section repairs, expansion and upgrades. Our 5 acre bone yard with hundreds of obsolete panels and service sections provides us with many hard to find parts unavailable to most contractors. We often have the parts to repair a problem or vandalism at a fraction of the price of an upgrade. It's always our goal to give the customer the best fix for their issues at the best price. Give us a call for advice or a free estimate. 

Electric Panel Retrofit

Over 40 years working only on electrical equiptment


Each commercial job is different and will need a site visit. We can evaluate your current system and recommend the best ways to achieve your goals. We have acres of discontinued service sections in our bone yard and pride ourselves on our ability to retrofit older services. It's always our goal to offer minimum repairs to get you back in business. Our recent projects include strip malls, vandalized resturaunt, vandalized industrial site.

We have retrofitted switches and gear to accommodate the expansion in hundreds of older buildings from Circle K, 7/11, Whataburger, Jack In the Box, Burger King. We have the bus and switches for many discontinued service sections.

We install commercial control panels for wells, pump lifts, water towers, sewage systems, cable boosters and remote radio and cellular towers. as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.


Solar, Panel relocation, Tesla Charging Stations

Elctric Panel Upgrades for Solar, Electric cars or Panel Relocation

We work for and are highly recommended and referred  by Tesla and Solar City as well over ten more Solar companies, Many Electrical contractors also refer their electric panel changes and upgrades. Everyone has their niche and ours is electric panels. We deal with finding the correct panel for the job. There are many ways to do any job. Today there are many variations of electric panels for a veriety of needs, We find the best product to serve the purpose. Many property maintenance companies, home inspectors and Realtors count on out free advice to get their sales closed and give the home owner confidence in their purchase. Advice is free. Cal Phil at 480-694-6531 for any questions or panel related issues.